Saying Goodbye to Summer

Summer time is such a wonderful season.  Families slow down, school is out and vacations are taken.  My family and I have had a whirlwind of a year so far and we decided we needed some down time.  We booked a beautiful cabin in the mountains of North Carolina with walking paths, beautiful woods and a private waterfall.  I had some time to reflect and rejuvenate.

Working a non-profit is difficult.  Searching for grants, coming up with creative fundraisers and engaging a community can be difficult. I found myself tired and needing some time.  I was happy with the families and programs that we are helping but I had hit a wall.

On one of our last days of vacation, we had stopped at a local creamery to sample cheese.  This place was literally in the middle of nowhere.  The only company we had were butterflies, bees and the breeze over the mountain side.  The lady that ran the creamery had family in the Merritt Island area and was very familiar with the Brevard County area.  Another lady came in and had some goodies from Brevard County for the lady that ran the creamery.  In the bag of goodies was a Playalinda Brewery bandana.  I acknowledged that we were from Brevard and that this brewery was one of our favorites.  The lady told me that she loves the brewery also and that they have great events such as a running club, a great 5K called Ben Strong and the new Brix Project.  She did consulting for the brewery and commented on how lovely the 5K was and how it had so much meaning and helped local recipients.  She had NO idea who I was… so, it was with pride and happiness that I said “Let me tell you about Ben and how this 5k started and helped to feed the mission of the nonprofit that I manage with my business partner.”

It was a great reminder that no matter how hard things get in the nonprofit sector that we are making a difference.  Such a difference that people are talking about it in other states.  Hometown Hope makes that difference because of our community support and for this we thank you.

Our mission is to provide hope to local families in times of tragedy by bringing the community together to help one family at a time.

IMG_6053As we say goodbye to summer and begin to embrace fall, may we keep the fire of HOPE alive and continue to serve our Brevard County families.  Thank you for your support, love and commitment to our nonprofit and most of all for giving us all HOPE.

Much love,